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Khyatiworks is my passion, my love for painting and a dream that has been with me for the last 7 years. Its wonderful to see how much people love the colors and the artwork, its amazing to meet people and hear what they have to say about it. My love for Khyatiworks grows by the day, it is a reflection of me and every single piece is done by me with a lot of care and with the best quality sealants and paints.

What makes it even more special is that I am a Software Engineer by profession too and have a full time job in an IT company, but when you love doing something it is always possible to find time for it isn't it? :)

The abstracts that I do are full of myriad colors emanating joy, warmth and happiness. These artworks are intuitive and I don't hav...

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  • Oct 02 2017
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

As we were getting our home painted for the upcoming festivities, I decided to add a touch of ME to my home this time.
So I decided to paint the front verandah wall of my Amritsar home. Was super excited!

This was the basic outline to start with:

It took 7 days to complete the wall. The effort was humungous, but the result - awesome. Take a...

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Khyatiworks featured in Talking Posts!

  • May 04 2017
  • Talking Posts

Thank you TalkingPosts for this lovely feature on Khyatiworks! Read it here  ❤️

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Makeover for a Dresser Almirah!

  • Feb 26 2017
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

Another home project, decoupaging my dresser almirah with my partner in crime - Gaurav Sharma
Sharing before and after pics, and the hand painted knob is the icing on the cake. Khyatiworks' Mor Pankh print now adorns our room! 
What do you think?!
Checkout the project here.

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Khyatiworks featured in TheHandmadeCo!

  • Aug 11 2017
  • The Handmade Co

So I did this interview in December in my 6th month of pregnancy. Didn't realize it was out all this while! 
Thanks TheHandmadeCo for the lovely feature!! Read it here 

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14 March 2016 - Khyatiworks at!

  • May 17 2016
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

Thank you for the lovely feature!!!

Only if you have a very strong belief in your idea and are ready to fail 100 times, ready to be very patient for the results to come in, ready to give all you've got should you consider getting into entrepreneurship. Its not all rosy and easy as it looks" - Khyatiworks

You Need to Login to read the full article:

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Decoupaged Photo Frame

  • Jul 04 2017
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

A big HELLO to my dear friends!
I have been keeping super busy with my 3 month old daughter, so haven't had the time to write about my work for so long. My apologies, and I promise to be back on track and post regular updates from now.

Today I'm sharing pictures of a mini project I did last month. It was a plain wooden photo frame that was given a complete makeover. So without wasting more words, take a look at the pictures here and enjoy the transformation!!

Lots of love,

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12 Feb 2016 - Featured in AsiabizToday

  • May 17 2016
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

'Colors of pereverance and passion' - Featured in AsiabizToday! 
Read the full article here.

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Khyatiworks - Writing on Fridge Magnets makes me super happy!

  • Jan 21 2017
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

I  calligraphy!! Have been using this font since I was 13! Had never thought it'll come in handy for this!
Check out the Video here.

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16th Jan 2016 - Khyatiworks invited at the 'Start up India' Event by Govt. of India at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi

  • May 17 2016
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

Happy and proud to share that Khyatiworks is among the few startups who have bee invited for the Start Up India event by the Govt of India on 16th Jan 2016!
It was a wonderful day long event with stalwarts like Mr. Arun Jaitley, Mr Sachin Bansal, Ms Shradha Sharma, founders of some very successful ventures and Mr Modi himself gracing the occasion.
Thank you for all your love and support guys! So happy

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Khyatiworks Jewelry in Magzter published Imagine Valley Magazine!

  • Jan 01 2016
  • Imagine Valley

What a lovely beginning to the new year!
International digital publication Magzter which publishes ImagineValley- a magazine about Indian art & artists has done a lovely write-up on one of my handpainted jewelry pieces - 'I love my lotus'!

Do purchase it & read about the other artists too. 

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24th August 2016 - Khyatiworks Journey featured in MyStoryMyLife from Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited

  • Aug 24 2016
  • Cholamandalam Finance

Loved the feature on my work by Cholamandalam Team. They beautifully captured the essence of who I am and what I do. And I loved reading what people had to say about the story. Thank you Cholamandalam Team!
Read the full article here

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Khyatiworks featured in!

  • Sep 11 2015
  • Your Story

It is truly an honor to be featured in the prestigious HerStory from
Read the story here:

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Deccan Herald again! Nov 24 2015

  • Mar 02 2016
  • Deccan Herald

2015 has been really generous with accolades and recognition for my work. Here's another feather to the cap! Deccan Herald today!!

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24th Aug 2016 - Khyatiworks is now a Registered Trademark

  • Aug 24 2016
  • Khyatiworks

These little moments of joy should be chereished and celebrated as these are the ones that lay the road to something big. Am so happy that Khyatiworks is now a registered trademark. Thank you God for always being there!

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Webinar on! Oct 15 2015

  • Mar 02 2016
  • Khyati

Just got hold of the webinar recording today, my session on 'Kick Starting your Entrepreneurship Dream with Passion' on Digital Vidya is here. It was so much fun taking the session, answering questions, interacting with people, it was wonderful!

Here's the link to the recording, enjoy!

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15th Sept 2015 - Khyatiworks in Life 365 Pune Edition

  • May 18 2016
  • Life 365, Pune

As awesome as it was being a part of the ArtBengaluru festival, I was overjoyed by the news coverage on my work in Life 365 Paper from Pune.  

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16th July'16 - Khyatiworks Haath-ee Bookmark published in Hindustan Times Mumbai Edition!

  • Jul 16 2016
  • Hindustan Times

Delighted to share that Khyatiworks' bookmarks were a part of a feature on unique and Quirky bookmarks in Hindustan Times Mumbai Edition. Happy to see Mumbai opening doors for us - here we come!!

Read the full article here

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Khyatiworks on Yo!! Sept 29 2015

  • Mar 02 2016
  • Yo! Success

Khyatiworks in the news again!

This time for Yo! Success, which is an online community featuring interviews of entrepreneurs, latest news in the business world & success stories to inspire budding startups.

It's my Mom's birthday today so it's double the happiness 

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My Interview for Khyatiworks on MyBigRedBag!

  • Mar 02 2016

It was so much fun talking to Hina Rajpal from MyBigRedBag, here's the link to my interview:
Khyatiworks for MyBigRedBag

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Khyatiworks at 'The Lotus House' and 'Popparazzi' in Bengaluru & Cochin Airports!!!

  • May 18 2016
  • The Lotus House

Absolutely thrilled to share that Khyatiworks is now at 'The Lotus House' and 'Popparazzi' at Mumbai, Bangalore & Cochin International Airports!

Check out the pictures here.

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24th Mar'15 - Khyatiworks featured in 'The Hindu'

Here's a beautiful feature on Khyatiworks in The Hindu which was published not only for Bengaluru but also for Chennai!! So heart warming! Love the way you describe it dear Rehna Abdul Kareem!! Thank you!!
Photograph courtesy Gaurav Sharma

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Artmore Collective did a wonderful feature on Khyatiworks! Read it here.

  • Aug 17 2015

It was lovely talking to Richa Dubey from Artmore Collective. Thanks so much for the lovely feature!

Here's the link: 

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22nd April 2016 - Khyati featured on!

  • May 17 2016
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

Thank you Shethepeople for the kind words about my Art and Khyatiworks. Proud to be associated with you!

Read the full story here:

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3rd Mar'15 - Khyatiworks is written about by 'Shopping in Stilettos' Blogger Kashmira Lad!

Check out what Shopping in Stilettos had to say about us!
Kashmira Lad's Blog
Thanks dear Kashmira!

Checkout the feature here.

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Khyatiworks at Red FM Studios with RJ Ridhi!!

  • Feb 10 2015

It was lovely talking to RJ Ridhi from Red FM Bengaluru on her show 'Happy Hours' on 11th Feb'2015.

Here are the links to my dialogue with RJ Ridhi on Red FM! Enjoy!

Part 1 of Khyatiworks with Red FM RJ Ridhi
Part 2 of Khyatiworks with Red FM RJ Ridhi
Part 3 of Khyatiworks with Red FM RJ Ridhi  


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2nd Feb'15 - Khyatiworks featured in Deccan Herald!

So we finally hit Bengaluru!! Khyatiworks is featured in Deccan Herald, this one goes to all my dear friends who have loved and supported us for 5 years - a big THANK YOU!!

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Khyatiworks merchandise featured in Wooplr! September 2014

It's great to see our handcrafted shoes and mugs featured on Wooplr! 
The work in progress 'Button Jutti' has received a special mention! Check it out here.

Here are the individual recommendation pages:

Transparent Art Mug

Handpainted Heel P...

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Khyatiworks at SOBO, Mumbai!

  • Mar 02 2016

Hello dear friends!! 
So it's finally time to make it official!!! 
Khyatiworks' merchandise is now in amchi Mumbai! 
Where?? The one, the only, the awesome SOBO Fashion Store!! I'm thrilled, and am sure so are you!! :)
Go checkout our latest collection at the store, some stuff made exclusively for SOBO, and everything comes in beautiful exquisite handmade Gift Boxes and Custom Envelopes! 
You will also find these little notes familiarizing you with us!
All-in-all, the best gift to me and for you this holiday season!!

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Khyatiworks at Kitsch Mandi! 28th Sept 2014

  • Mar 02 2016

Bangalore - your warmth and affection has left me speechless!! 
You guys are absolutely incredible and for someone who was so new to Kitsch Mandi, you guys made me feel at home. 
Thanks for making Khyatiworks' first exhibit (with many more to follow) in Bangalore a grand success!! 
Thank You! No - actually I can't thank you enough. :)

Check out the pictures of the festival here.

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Aug 23, 2013 - Khyatiworks Pendants recommended by Wooplr!

  • Mar 02 2016

Khyatiworks Pendants featured on Wooplr

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15th - 17th Feb 2013 - Khyatiworks at Dilli Haat

  • Mar 02 2016

Khyatiworks will be at Dilli Haat from 15th-17th Feb.

Dont miss the awosome 3 day festival!

Venue: Stall # 17, Exhibition Hall,

Dilli Haat, Sri Aurobino Marg opp INA Market, New Delhi.

Check out the pictures of the Exhibition here

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19th Aug 2013 - My Interview on Travelista!!!

  • Mar 02 2016

Khyatiworks' hand painted shoes won the First Prize in the Designer Travelista Contest! Here's my Interview on their website:

My Interview on Travelista!

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20th July - 2015 Watch Khyati's video about using Acrylics with Ink!

  • Jul 19 2015
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

Catch the latest video by Khyati where she illustrates the technique of using Acrylics with Ink! Check out the video on YouTube here.

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19th May 2012 - An awesome Saturday!

  • Mar 02 2016

This weekend there were so many things going on in my head and I din't know where to start.. I was already halfway done with my handpainted shoes

and I was looking forward to working on making handmade ceramic coasters and glass tile pendants

So I pulled out everyrthing at the same time and the whole place just lit up! It looked like it had been hit by a colorful tornado.. lol.. yes it was really messy but be...

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19th October 2012 - An Article on Khyatiworks by Tickeled by Inspirations!

  • Mar 02 2016

The famous blogger, Rachel Eapen from Oman was kind to write about Khyatiworks in her Blog 'Tickeled by Inspirations'.
Read what she had to say here.

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Khyatiworks on!

  • Jul 22 2015
  • Khyati Mehra Sharma

So happy to share that Khyatiworks' Home-Decor merchandise is now available on the awesome!
Check out the products here.

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28th Aug'14 - Featured in Times of India!

Times of India published a feature on my paintings & my work. Feeling great! :)

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11th Feb 2013 - Khyatiworks' 'Eye-Candy' is selected by Blouin Artinfo India as it's Pick of Special Edition Valentine’s Day Jewelry!

  • Mar 02 2016

Blouin Artinfo India picks Eye-Candy as Special Edition Valentine’s Day Jewelry!

Check out the link here

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Khyatiworks featured on

  • Mar 02 2016

Khyatiworks has been written about by 2 times Limca Book of Awards winner Blogger Devang Vibhakar!
Visit his site to read more!

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