19th May 2012 - An awesome Saturday!

This weekend there were so many things going on in my head and I din't know where to start.. I was already halfway done with my handpainted shoes

and I was looking forward to working on making handmade ceramic coasters and glass tile pendants

So I pulled out everyrthing at the same time and the whole place just lit up! It looked like it had been hit by a colorful tornado.. lol.. yes it was really messy but believe me, I've never seen sucha colorful mess before... :) everything was so bright and colorful! It was loads of fun!!

My handpainted shoes... aren't they adorable?!!

I randomly clicked some pictures by placing things together, around each other and quite liked what I saw... check them out!


The coasters are not done yet... will add it to the Shop once I am done.. :)

Waiting for the next weekend so I can wear them.. 


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