Flat 812, 8th floor, My Home Jewel, Manjeera Pipeline Road, Miyapur 500049 Hyderabad IN
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Flat 812, 8th floor, My Home Jewel, Manjeera Pipeline Road, Miyapur Hyderabad, IN
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The end of last year marked the beginning of a new assignment for Khyatiworks with Supertech Limited. Among the many different tasks that we were given, we started with two big murals that needed to be painted in the drawing room of Supertech residence. It was an abstract work in black, white and golden colours.




  After that we painted 6 murals in their mandir. Those murals ranged from beautiful birds and flowers,


2 Maha Mrityunjaya Mantras,


an OM painting,

and finally beautiful Shivaling made out of orchid flowers.


Apart from that we also got some commissioned work from Supertech. So we painted some giant canvases for them ranging from 4x4 feet to 4x7 feet. So we made a 'Gorilla with a Cigar',

an 'Arabian Lady' and

finally another one for their home. The painting was called ' Jeevan Seedi ' and it was made on abig canvas. This painting was a very interesting concept. It was a mix of their ideas and Khyatiworks execution. You can see more details about ' Jeevan Seedi ' in our Artwork section.



      We would like to thank Supertech for giving us the opportunity and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.


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