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Flat 812, 8th floor, My Home Jewel, Manjeera Pipeline Road, Miyapur Hyderabad, IN
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Khyatiworks Journey - The 'What' and 'Why'

From being a studious Software Engineer to a crazy, psychedelic Artist, Khyatiworks has been a blessing, a beautiful journey which has changed my life and touched the lives of so many people. Khyatiworks started in 2011, 2 years after I started painting professionally in 2009. By that time, I was settled in life and I guess that time was perfect for me to spend more time on something that I loved to do.

MY MISSION is to transform, to give a new avatar to daily use products by giving them a creative makeover. As my core is Artwork, I use the Artwork in a variety of ways to create unique merchandise not only with the Art but also its overall creation.


People with a high regard for Fine Art.
People who love collecting Artwork souveneirs and consider them precious
People who are always on the lookout of some unique stuff for their home and for themselves.
People who believe in owing a piece no one else owns.
People who want something completely new for those special occasions and festivals to use at home. 

People who love Art - Art Connoisseurs & Patrons
People who love unique creative one-of-a-kind pieces
People who love quirky!
People who think a piece of art is precious.
People who treasure Art souvenirs


People who've been spending a lot on stuff but that stuff is factory made and is available to anyone in any quantity.
It's better to spend the same money on a unique handmade equivalent whose quality is better than its factory made counterpart.

People who are not sure how to give an instant makeover to their home, office, personal lifestyle without doing too much of change.
Just adding a few things here an there will instantly fill your home with wonderful energy and brighten it up!!

Like me, there are millions of people who want to accessorize their homes and daily lives with unique things, things not produced in bulk but of very superior quality. Handcrafted things are usually mistaken as low-quality and not fit for daily use.

At Khyatiworks, each product is handcrafted with a quality far superior to its bulk made counterparts.


MY VISION is to create a place where people come not only to buy stuff but for the experience. It is a place like never seen before as it is not based on the usual prototypes as to what is in vogue, but rather a niche independent space with its own identity and own kind of products.

It takes DIY to another level. At Khyatiworks, we do not believe in the mundane and bulk, but rather taking each piece to its utmost superior form. Nowadays, we find mass produced diaries, coasters and so many other stuff everywhere but at Khyatiworks we want to make sure that each product, each piece will have a creative hand behind it and not just a print on a material.

Khyatiworks is a niche brand with exclusive handcrafted merchandise. There is a wide range of products made at Khyatiworks, but none made in the way they are usually seen in the market.

From jewelry to homeware to shoes to stationery to some very unique quirky stuff, Khyatiworks is all about handcrafting each piece and each product having its own identity. For example, the usual paper napkin holders have a completely new avatar which people adore!

There are hair accessories never seen before, hand painted shoes with whimsical art, fridge magnets all handcrafted & unique and a plethora of other items. Some products are handpainted like shoes, wooden modish jewelry, paper napkin weights, drawer knobs etc while the rest are handcrafted like Table Mats, Coasters, Glass Jewelry, Stationery, Fridge Magnets etc. 

I never dreamt of Khyatiworks producing bulk merchandise or having scores of stores in the country. The beauty of our products lies in the fact that each piece is unique, each piece takes between 3-10 days to get made and so each piece is special. It is not possible to replicate a piece especially which is hand painted.

Also, all products are packaged in beautiful handmade boxes with little brads and eyelets as per what product it holds. The boxes themselves take a few hours to get ‘dressed’ with their little adornments. So, at Khyatiworks, right from the Artwork to the final packaging of the product, everything is handcrafted and special.



There is a certain joy, energy and optimism attached to these artworks. I love the fact that these paintings can brighten up any corner, any place where they are put, their charm is like little pleasures of life, like a child’s laughter which fills you with so much joy.

As I started creating these beautiful psychedelic abstracts, I was fascinated by the forms these colors took and how they created one final image in the end with all colors in harmony with each other. 

I felt it would be wonderful to create things using my painting images. Why just put it up on the wall? Why not make these beautiful colors a part of our daily lives? And there I was, starting with greeting cards, mugs, bookmarks, notebooks.
They found an instant connect with people. Looking at the joy it brought to people who were so exultant to see the Art and the merchandise I knew I had to take this forward and then there was no looking back!


A big misconception about handmade items is that they cannot withstand wear and tear and will get spoilt in 1 or 2 uses.

As I take this as a very important factor myself, I ensure the product is not just a showpiece. When I come up with a new product idea, I first list down the places where it can be kept and what external factors can affect it and what I need to take care of. For example, a handmade fridge magnet can be put on the fridge, an almirah, can be around a child so if it is painted, the paint has to be sealed perfectly. If it is decoupaged, there are chances of water splashes falling on it so it has to be absolutely waterproof, it should be wipeable with a damp cloth, the magnet should stick perfectly and many other things.
So I first create 2-3 samples in different ways and test it at home with what version fits in all these conditions. There are many techniques possible but what looks best and does not get affected by external factors is what I finalize on. You will always see a piece or 2 of everything I bring up at Khyatiworks at my place. Those were the samples which are still doing great!

For table mats and coasters, being handmade people wonder if it will withstand heat. Well when I made the first mat and coaster, for 3 days I used the coaster to keep my cup of tea morning evening all the time. And the mats, I put glass bowl with hot dal makhni on it once and then I put another steel dish with some food. Of course, you should not put a hot cooker on it as that will spoil a normal market purchased laminated mat also! But for laying out dishes on the dining table, ahhh lovely!

As these are rare items and are made in limited quantity, it's most loved by people who love art, appreciate an artists's vision and creations, and have a great liking for unique handmade stuff. As I have a lot of appreciation for artists and have myself been an art souvenir collector, I know how precious those things are for me. I store them more carefully than my jewelry!

For me, a notebook that has an art print of my favourite artist is not just a copy to write stuff in, it is a special piece like an autograph from the artist and I use it for penning down my most special notes, its like a treasure! People who view owning a merchandise from Khyatiworks like an Art souvenir which is still so usable and able to withstand daily wear and tear are my audience.   

I have exhibited at various places in Delhi and Bangalore and I wish to open my own Store in the next 5 years.
It will be a single address with no multiple locations across the country. It will be like a haven of bliss, where you visit just for the experience. There will be a separate area, the Gallery where my paintings will be on display.
And then there will be a purchase section where anything you can think of will be available, but with a twist. I want people to come and witness the creative transformation of a mundane daily use product. 

There is so much I want to do and create - this is just the beginning. My aim is to spread joy, happiness and positivity and glorify the spirit of people through the magic of colors and their arrays!

Thanks for being here! I hope you enjoyed reading about Khyatiworks journey!

Lots of love,