Coloree - Small Rectangle Glass Pendant

Coloree - Small Rectangle Glass Pendant

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Description of product

This is a beautiful Rectangle Glass Tile pendant where in a thick glass tile is attached to a section of my Original Artwork and then sealed.

Other Details : The uniqueness of this pendant lies in the Glass Tile that is beautifully etched to give this pendant many dimensions and above all the art which is so intricate it takes your breath away! 

Take a look at the close up of the artwork in this pendant and see for yourself! 

To make things even more awesome, I have designed the backside of these pendants as well which is otherwise mundane and boring. 

So, in a single pendant, you get 2 Khyatiworks designs which enables you to wear it from both sides. Its a win-win ain't it? :) 

Also, these pendants come with handmade multicolor cord necklaces that are just perfect for these pendants! Enjoy the rich colors and vibrant cords from Khyatiworks!!!

Each piece here is unique and is a token of my abstract art. For people who like my paintings, these are small signatures for them. The most wonderful thing about these pendants and cords is that theres just one like it in the world! I cannot replicate it - it chooses itself! :) So be a part of this creative process and grab ure piece before its sold out!!

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