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Ink on Paper

This is going to be one of my treasures - forever. This artwork has things that all of us - Mamima’s children, associate her with.

I played a family quiz where they had to identify all those things, and they guessed it all!

So there’s a hanky that she always keeps with her, her Pooja mala, her Skechers shoes that she wears, her face with hearing aids, her earrings, her favourite song ‘Abhi na jao Chhor ke, ki dil abhi bhara nahi’, her hand and feet, and many other things. I started this while I was in Amritsar sitting with her, so I’m sure it has her scent as well 😊

I love you Mamima 💖

#abstractArt #inkOnPaper #khyatiworks #mamima 

Size in inches 6×6

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