'Aesthetic Yellow' Wall Art

'Aesthetic Yellow' Wall Art


Description of product

Handpainted abstract art in resin and alcohol ink on a 8 inch board plate with a cork back and a wooden hook to hang it.

Handpainted Resin Art on 10 inch, 8 inch, 6 inch and 4 inch board plates. Initially selling out as tableware, these have now carved a niche for themselves in the wall art space. The combination of small and big resin art pieces on the wall looks like a story of a galaxy.

Different colors merge together to create this magical abstract wall art. It is very smooth and shiny - easy to clean and vibrant to look at! You can either place them as a single piece on your wall or put them altogether and create an abstract wall art.

Also, there are no Duplicates since this is handpainted abstract art. when you purchase this you will get another completely unique piece in the same size and material.

This partcular piece is sold and an exact same piece is not available.

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